“Empty space”

“Empty space”, Nukufilm 2016

technique: stop-motion
format: 2K digital / 10′

director: Ülo Pikkov
animation: Marili Sokk
camera: Raivo Möllits

Documentary-based animation about a dream that eventually comes true in a film.
A 10-year old girl longed for a puppy as a birthday present. Her dissappointment was very big when instead puppy she got father she had no idea he was still alive. This documentary based film tells a story about a very long-standing dream that kept him alive through many years and actually will come true only now, through this film.

The sets of the film use Leonhard Lina’s original doll furniture and a puppet fashioned after Merike’s childhood photos. Empty Space draws on interviews with Leonhard Lina’s daughter Merike.